My Oncologist gave me a prescription.

Where can I get it filled?

Drugs prescribed by your Oncologist can be filled at the Pharmacy on Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre Level 2.

You may also use your local drug store however, some medications might not be available. Please ask one of the pharmacists to check before you leave. Remember that the LRCP Pharmacy located in the Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre (former LRCP) only fills drugs prescribed by Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre doctors.

How can the Pharmacist help me?

The Pharmacist is available to talk about any concerns or questions you have about your medicines. The Pharmacist can give you information about:

  • How to take your medicines
  • Possible side effects
  • How the cancer drug might react with medicines you are already taking
  • How the cancer drug might react with herbal products, vitamins and other supplements you are taking
  • Drug plan coverage
  • Cost of the medicines

What do I do if I have a drug insurance plan?

If you have a drug insurance plan or government assistance, please bring this information with you. Many drug plans do not pay for the entire prescription cost. The pharmacy accepts cash, major credit cards, debit and personal cheques.

Can I get help if I do not have a drug insurance plan?

If you do not have a drug insurance plan, please ask the pharmacist for information about the Trillium Drug Plan (TDP). If your drug plan only pays for part of your drug costs, you may also apply to the TDP.

How do I get a prescription renewed?

Renew prescriptions ordered by your oncologist at the time of your appointment. Your family doctor may also be able to renew some medicines prescribed to manage constipation, nausea and pain. Some prescriptions cannot be renewed over the phone.

When you call Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre about a medicine ordered by your Oncologist, the Primary Nurse will talk to your Oncologist about the renewal. If appropriate, your nurse will call the prescription in to your local pharmacy. Your Primary Nurse will only return your call if there is a change in your prescription.

To avoid an unnecessary trip, call your local pharmacy to find out when your prescription will be ready.

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