Referral Guidelines

Information for Referring Physicians

Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre has a different referral process than other Ontario cancer centres. Our policy is to discuss treatment options during the patient’s first visit with the oncologist.

In order for the oncologist to make treatment decisions at the first appointment, all medical workups and tests need to be completed prior. The oncologist will need the results of these tests in order to design the treatment that is best for your patient’s type of cancer.

Since cancer is different in every patient, the type of tests and examinations that must be completed will vary. Please refer to the Intake Guidelines below to determine the type of information that we need from you, as a healthcare provider, in order to properly process incoming patients at Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre.

Download the (formerly) LRCP New Patient Referral Form

Download the CLIPS and Baker Centre Referral Form

Download the Regional Skin Cancer Referral Form

Download (formerly) LRCP Disease Specific Referral Guidelines

Rapid Response Clinic (Palliative Radiotherapy):

Intake Guidelines by Disease Site

The following guidelines are flowcharts in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. They outline what tests are needed for patient processing and initial appointment booking at LRCP.


Central Nervous System



Nuclear Oncology Prostate Cancer Automated Triage

Head and Neck