Peer Support Volunteer Role

The Peer Support volunteer role includes:

  • Providing cancer patients, families and caregivers with support while maintaining an inclusive and welcoming space for all.
  • Using active listening skills with cancer patients, families and caregivers within the Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre to guide them through the emotional, social, interpersonal and practical aspects of the cancer journey.
  • Promoting various programs and services offered through Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre and/or community partners and how to access them.  

Application and Training

Interested applicants are first asked to apply to become an LHSC volunteer. If selected, you will complete 10 hours of virtual training (live) and self paced learning (approximately four to five hours) Peer Support-specific training that is coordinated by the Peer Support Program staff.

The training program will outline the roles and responsibilities of a Peer Support volunteer. It will also teach best practice techniques for supporting patients, families, and caregivers who have been affected by cancer.

Volunteer Criteria

Peer Support volunteers meet the following criteria:

  • Direct experience with cancer; either as a survivor, family member or caregiver.
  • At least one-year post-treatment.
  • Passion for supporting cancer patients, families and caregivers.
  • Friendly, caring, non-judgmental personality. Able to offer a welcoming presence when meeting and talking to new people.
  • Listen and share stories from an equal and genuine point of view.
  • Share stories in a way that keeps the relationship professional and peer-focused.
  • Understand the importance of self-care and stress management. Ability to model the strategies provided during training for staying healthy.
  • Technologically set up for peer conversation (computer, internet connection, phone) and/or able to meet in-person.
  • Willing to commit to three (3) hours per week for a full year, excluding vacations and sick days.
  • Willing to undergo peer support training through Wellspring.

If you meet the volunteer criteria and are interested in becoming a Peer Support volunteer, please visit the LHSC Volunteer Services webpage for information about the application process.

For more information about the Peer Support program, please email peersupportswrcp@lhsc.on.ca