Parking at the Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre

Parking at Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre

If you are coming to the Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre on a regular basis, it costs less money to buy a parking pass. When you buy a 30 day pass it works for one year from the day you buy it. Additionally, you do not need to use the pass on consecutive days. For example, you can use the pass 15 times in one month and 15 times the next.

In order to obtain a parking pass you must:

  1. Talk to the person at the parking booth as you leave the parking lot
  2. Decide between a 5, 7, 10, 14, or 30 day pass
  3. Pay for your pass using a credit card


Please contact the Parking Office for questions and additional assistance.

Telephone: 519-685-8500 Extension. 53078