Your Guide to the Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre

Your First Visit

Welcome! There is a lot of information to take in, so please keep this guide throughout your cancer care so that you can refer to it for the information that you need. Now that you have checked in at main reception (Level 2) for your first visit, a volunteer or clerk will kindly ask you to complete a short survey at one of the Symptom Screening kiosks. Next, you will go on a mini tour of the centre.

Your Appointment

After you have checked in at the clinic reception desk, you will be called when the Doctor is 
ready to see you. You may meet with several members of your health care team during your 
visit, like your Doctor, Resident, and Nurse. This can take some time and your total time in the 
centre may be several hours. Thank you for your patience.

While You Wait

On Level 1, you will find the Keith Samitt Patient & Family Resource Centre, Tim Hortons, and the Wig & Turban Boutique. Free Wi-Fi is available on “lhpublic” if you would like to use the internet on your mobile device.

Visiting the Lab

Your doctor may order bloodwork or a urine sample. You will need to go to the lab on Level 2 in 
A2-800. Your healthcare team may need these results before your appointment. This could add to 
your time spent waiting for your appointment.

Visiting the Pharmacy

You may need to pick up medications from the Pharmacy. It is located on Level 2 in room A2-825.


You can pay for daily parking with a credit card as you enter the lot or with the parking lot attendant as you exit. Multi-day parking passes are also available to help reduce costs. You can buy a pass from the parking attendant at the booth as you leave the parking lot. 

My Care Guide

The My Care Guide will help answer many of your questions about your cancer care. You will find information on: 

  • Parking
  • When to call for help
  • Understanding your diagnosis
  • Financial support
  • Side Effects
  • Drug therapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Counseling
  • Nutrition and healthy living
  • Community support
  • After treatment

To access the guide, please visit: If you do not have access to the internet or a mobile device, ask your healthcare provider for a print copy.

After Your First Visit

Information on a wide variety of topics is available in the Keith Samitt Patient & Family Resource Centre (on Level 1). Free pamphlets are available for you to take home. You can also access these resources online via the Patient Information Zone web page

It is helpful to review resources on topics that are important to you before your appointment so that your healthcare team can answer any questions you may have. There are also many other resources specific to your type of cancer that your healthcare team will give you, either in paper or via email. Ask a member of your healthcare team for information on topics that are important to you. 

Managing your symptoms

Please visit a kiosk to complete your symptom screen at each visit. This will help your health care team better manage your symptoms. Your healthcare team will review your answers and ask you other questions as well. 

Resources at the Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre

See the My Care Guide for more information about who to call for support at the cancer centre.

  • Drug Access Facilitator (519-685-8600 Extension. 54519)
  • Indigenous Patient Navigator (519-685-8600 Extension. 75471)
  • Supportive Care (Social Work, Dietitian, Financial Assistance) (519-685-8622; your health 
    care provider can refer you or you can call to book an appointment yourself)
  • CAREChart@home after-hours nursing line (1-866-681-3057)
  • Telephone Triage Nursing (TTN) line (519-685-8600; press ‘1’ for patient then follow the prompts)

Community Resources

Some people choose to access resources and support in their community. Check out some of the resources available through the organizations listed below:

Care Close to Home

Did you know that you may be able to receive chemotherapy in your community? Chemotherapy is available in Woodstock, Stratford, St. Thomas, Wingham, Chatham, and Grey-Bruce. Talk to your healthcare team about options for care closer to home.