Febrile Neutropenia (Fever Card)

Patients undergoing chemotherapy will receive a pocket-sized fever card with instructions on how to assess temperature and the treatment they must seek if they develop a fever.


Febrile neutropenia is a life-threatening oncology emergency requiring immediate attention and treatment.  Patients receiving chemotherapy (and their families) must be aware of this risk and act promptly when fever is detected.


The process for Fever Card use is as follows:

  • Patient/family receives a Fever Card and education at LRCP
  • The Fever Card is kept accessible by the patient
  • At the first onset of fever, the patient seeks treatment at the nearest Emergency Department
  • The Fever Card is presented to ER staff upon triage/registration



Fever Card

To order a supply of Fever Cards, please contact LRCP Education at lrcpeducation@lhsc.on.ca


If a patient presents with a fever of 38°C (100.4°F) or higher, they should:

  • Telephone triage nurse at LRCP 519-685-8600 ext. 58621
  • If after hours, proceed to nearest Emergency Department, notify staff that patient is receiving chemotherapy and has a fever
  • Present fever card


Owen Sound Patients should refer to GBHS process for fever management.



After primary assessment in an Emergency Department, the local physician should contact the Oncologist/Hematologist on-call if the patient is seriously ill or guidance is required. Otherwise correspondence to LRCP is satisfactory upon discharge.


Fever Card Question & Answer

What is the purpose of the fever card?

The fever card reminds the patient and their family that Febrile Neutropenia may occur as a result of treatment. Information on the card directs the patient to seek immediate attention and gives providers information regarding further management.

How should the patient use the fever card?

The patient should keep the fever card readily available and refer to it if he/she develops a fever of 38°C. The patient should report to the nearest ER department and present the card to the triage nurse and/or attending physician.

Who is responsible for handing out the card?

The patient's primary nurse at LRCP is responsible for providing the patient with the fever card and educating them about how to use it.


Download the Febrile Neutropenia Guidelines (pdf)

Download the Fever Card (pdf)

Download Alberta Health Services article - "Management of Adult Febrile Neutropenia"