London Regional Cancer Program


Registering for patient portal 

Adult patients with the London Regional Cancer Program at London Health Sciences Centre and the Breast Care Program at St. Joseph’s Health Care London can now register for MyChartTM patient portal.

MyChart is a single way for patients to access their health information, from all participating hospitals in Ontario. It’s a secure online service that gives patients, and their substitute decision makers, access to their medical records from various participating hospitals and home and community care services. MyChart can help patients be better informed and engaged in their own care. They have the option to track self-entered data such as height, weight and blood sugar, and track allergies, medications, immunizations and mood.

Patients can grant access to health-care providers, family or other caregivers through the portal to share this information.

Registration is voluntary. Plans to make MyChart available in other hospital programs are underway.

Who can register

Adult patients with a valid Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) number can get information and register for MyChart when they check in for an appointment. Patients must provide an email address to the registration clerk and they’ll then be emailed a PIN to complete their registration at

Type of information available to patients in MyChart

The following information from hospitals in southwestern Ontario will be available:

  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Radiology and lab results
  • Discharge summaries from hospital or clinic visit
  • Care plans

More about MyChart

MyChart is owned and operated by Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. The project involves the extension of Sunnybrook’s MyChart Personal Health Record (PHR) infrastructure, which will be integrated with the cSWO Clinical Connect platform. London hospitals, specifically the London Regional Cancer Program and Breast Care Program at St. Joseph’s Health Care London, are among the first to participate in this project.