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LRCP water damage update - August 26, 10:00 am

On August 24, a pipe burst at the London Regional Cancer Program at Victoria Hospital causing significant water damage. 

It will take some time to assess the full impact of the water damage, but our program teams are working hard to ensure we meet the care needs of our patients. Clinic appointments and treatment will continue, and patients will hear from the health-care team in the event an appointment or treatment is rescheduled. 

Patients who come to LRCP may be re-directed to another area of the hospital where they will receive care.

What happened?
A pipe ruptured in the London Regional Cancer Program (LRCP), causing significant water damage. As a result, parts of the LRCP have been closed in order to assess and repair the damage.

How does this impact my treatment?
Your physician will review your patient file to determine the best way for your care to proceed. 

I’m booked for a treatment, or appointment, is that appointment still in place?
At this time, we are only contacting patients in order to cancel or make any changes to their appointments or treatment. If you do not hear from someone on your health-care team in advance of your appointment, please come to the LRCP on the day of your appointment. It is possible that you will then be re-directed to another area of the hospital where your physician will be.

How will this impact future appointments/treatment?
Your physician will review each patient file to determine whether or not any of your future appointments need to be rescheduled. If so, you will be contacted by your health-care team.

When will things be back to normal?
At this time, we are still assessing and responding to the situation. We expect to have more information soon and are committed to communication about this issue with you in a timely manner  

If I come to the LRCP, where should I go?
Please continue to come to the entrance you normally use at LRCP, and you will be re-directed as necessary.
For concerns about mobility and energy, porters are available to assist you in getting to your appointment and back to your transportation if needed.  

If you are being dropped off and picked up for your appointment, look for staff stationed at the LRCP entrances. Please ask them about where you will exit.

 Will you contact me?
You will only be contacted if your appointment needs to be cancelled or any changes are made. If you do not hear from your health care team, assume your appointment is still occurring as scheduled.

I live outside of London, should I drive to the LRCP?
If you do not hear from your health-care team, assume your appointment will occur as scheduled.

Please note, there is a restricted visitor policy in effect due to COVID-19. However, you may be able to have a family member or caregiver participate in your first appointment. The Care Partner Presence Policy will be relative to the level of local community transmission. Please contact the LRCP care team ahead of your appointment at 519-685-8602 with your care partner’s name and information to determine if they are eligible to attend your appointment.

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