Healthcare Professionals

LRCP is one of the world’s leading cancer care centres. It is renowned as a research and teaching hospital committed to the highest quality patient care. As a community healthcare professional, you are an important part of LRCP’s team. The following information will help you understand how LRCP operates and what steps to take when referring someone to our program.

Professional Disciplines

Effective cancer treatment requires the expertise of many professional disciplines working together to deliver care that respects the specific needs of each patient. LRCP employs highly skilled teams comprised of physicians, nurses, social worker, dietitians, radiation therapists, pharmacists and many more.

Referral Guidelines 

According to each type of cancer and disease site LRCP’s Referral Guidelines help referring physicians determine the types of tests and examinations needed prior to a patient’s first visit to LRCP. Required tests are different according to each disease site. Following the Guidelines ensures greater treatment efficiency.

Oncology Practice Guidelines

Oncology Practice Guidelines are used at LRCP as a reference to assist in clinical decision-making for the planning and delivery of individualized care. The guidelines are specific to each disease site.

Treatment Management 

Cancer treatment is complex and multifaceted. Each patient’s treatment management strategy is different. Treatment plans are designed to produce optimal results based on diagnostic information, genetic assessment, and overall health assessment and past treatment evidence.

Symptom Management 

The Symptom Management Team helps patients experiencing problems related to cancer or its treatment. It is a multidisciplinary team of specialists who assess patients on a case-by-case basis and decide on the best treatment options.


The primary responsibility of LRCP’s clinicians is direct patient care. They also participate in various Cancer Disease Site Teams, conduct research and teach the next generation of cancer care professionals.

Regional Partners 

LRCP enjoys collaborative relationships with many regional partners to provide a continuum of cancer services and programs in southwestern Ontario. Partners include hospitals, Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) and regional health units.

Continuing Education 

LRCP staff members are encouraged to engage in continuing education to keep abreast of new procedures and research findings and ensure the highest standards of care.