Psychology Services

Psychology Services

Psychology Staff work in many programs at LHSC. We work with inpatients and outpatients providing consultation, assessment/diagnosis, and treatment.  We work with children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of mental and physical health challenges.    

Most of our Psychology staff work as part of larger health care teams to deliver complete care. For example, a psychologist may work alongside a social worker, psychiatrist, physiotherapist, and/or speech-language pathologist in a rehabilitation setting. Some services are provided in our core Psychology Department.  

Accessing LHSC Psychology Services

Programs manage referrals independently and may have different processes for patients to access treatment. For example, some programs accept referrals from community physicians while others require a referral from a hospital-based team or physician.  

If you are a community-based health care provider seeking to refer a patient or a patient seeking services for yourself, please click on the Service below to find out more about the referral process for each service.  

Child and Adolescent Services, Children's Hospital
Adolescent and Young Adult Services 
Adult and Older Adult Services