In-Centre or Satellite Hemodialysis

At LHSC one of the options for dialysis is having hemodialysis completed in a dialysis specific centre. We refer to this as in-centre hemodialysis. We have two hospital sites and nine satellite sites that provide in-centre hemodialysis.

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The two London hospital sites that provide acute and chronic care are:

  • The Adam Linton Unit (ALU) at Victoria Hospital
  • University Hospital

These two London hospital units are often the place for people who require more attention to their medical needs and/or are not able to complete their dialysis in a satellite unit or in their own home. In these hospital units your dialysis care and medication adjustments are managed by the health-care team. Feel free to connect with them with your concerns or questions.

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Once your dialysis is stabilized, your care may be transferred to a satellite unit within London or closer to your home.

Our nine Satellite sites include;

  • Kidney Care Centre at Westmount Shopping Centre, London
  • Chatham satellite
  • Goderich satellite
  • Hanover satellite
  • Owen Sound satellite
  • Sarnia satellite
  • Stratford satellite
  • Tillsonburg satellite
  • Woodstock satellite

All of our dialysis units have specially trained staff to look after you. The team includes: Nurses, Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Dietitians, Social Workers, and Pharmacists to attend to your health needs.

When dialyzing in the satellite dialysis units, you will be seen by members of your dialysis team in the satellite unit on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

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