Medication Descriptions

Phosphate binders

Phosphate binders bind with the phosphate in your food. This prevents it from building up in your body and causing problems such as itchiness, bone disease and heart problems. They must be taken with your meals. There are different kinds of phosphate binders such as calcium (Tums ®), Sevelamer (Renagel®) and Lanthanum (Fosrenol®).

Vitamin D

Active forms of vitamin D (Rocaltrol® or Calcitriol) are prescription medications that help your body use calcium better and avoids bone problems.

Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agents

Erythropoiesis Stimulating Agents (ESAs) such as Eprex® or Aranesp injections treat low blood counts (anemia) by helping the body to make more red blood cells.

Treating anemia can give you more energy.


Iron is used to make red blood cells. It can be taken by mouth or needle (intravenously). The intravenous method is usually done in the clinic.


Not all vitamins are safe in kidney disease. Please ask your kidney specialist before taking any over the counter products or vitamin. There is a special dialysis vitamin (Replavite®) that is used to replace vitamins B,C and folic acid lost on dialysis.