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Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a diagnosis for which there is no cure. People living with CKD require accurate information and good support to live well with chronic illness. This can be obtained from the many staff involved in your care at your medical appointments. The Renal Program understands the need for information that focuses on the patient experience. 

About the Renal Program at LHSC

At LHSC's Regional Renal Program, you can expect to receive comprehensive care. This care extends to all people living in Southwestern Ontario with kidney disease. Our program strives to embody the mission statement of the Ontario Renal Network: Working together to improve the life of every person with kidney disease.

Care includes working together with patients and their care partners to slow the progression of chronic kidney disease. Patients are supported and cared for by a team of renal staff. 

We value your feedback. If at any time you have concerns about your care or about our customer service, we want to hear about it. Our leadership team is available to discuss any issues with you – ask our staff to identify one of our leaders for you. Also, please feel free to reach out to us and offer your ideas and concerns. We are here to help.

Jerry Plastino  
London Health Sciences Centre
Terri Chanda  
South West Regional Renal Program

Dr. Andrew House  
Chair/Chief, Division of Nephrology,  
London Health Sciences Centre

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When kidney replacement therapy becomes necessary we provide support to you around treatment choice, including:

  • Care at home which includes Peritoneal Dialysis or Home Hemodialysis.
  • Care in-centre which includes hemodialysis in a London hospital.
  • Care closer to home which includes our Satellite Units.
  • Transplantation
  • Conservative Management (choosing not to start dialysis) & Palliative Care (choosing to stop dialysis)

Care at Home

The home dialysis therapies that are offered include Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) and Home Hemodialysis. Experienced staff work in the home dialysis units and are dedicated to offering support to those interested in home dialysis. Staff meet with patients and their families to make sure home dialysis is right for them. Home dialysis staff provide education and training and provide an ongoing partnership to support the patient and family to monitor and maintain home dialysis. Most home patients come to clinic at the Kidney Care Centre every few months to be seen by their home dialysis team.

Care In-Centre

End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients can receive hemodialysis in our London hospital dialysis units. The London hospital locations are as follows:

  • Victoria Hospital (Adam Linton Unit)
  • University Hospital

Care Closer to Home

LHSC partners with eight satellite hospitals in the region to provide hemodialysis for approximately 250 patients closer to home. LHSC Nephrologists and Nurse Practitioners provide support for medical concerns. In London, the Hemodialysis Unit at the Kidney Care Centre (KCC) in Westmount Shopping Centre effectively operates as a London satellite.


A successful kidney transplant results in improved health and freedom from dialysis, but transplantation is a treatment option and not a cure for kidney failure. Of the available treatment options, transplantation offers the best opportunity to be rehabilitated and to lead a normal lifestyle. LHSC provides a regional program in kidney transplantation.

Conservative Care

Conservative care means choosing not to start or to stop dialysis. You may have other health issues that influence your quality of life. Reflecting on how these issues might further impact your life on dialysis is important.

Regardless of the option you choose, your Interprofessional team are here to support you and your family with your decision. Read more about Conservative Care and feel comfortable with talking to your team. 

As a dialysis patient’s condition may change, they may require a move to a different site or a change in treatment. Our Renal team is committed to providing you with seamless care, to meet your needs.