Ways to Give to the Renal Program

Renal Patient & Family Advisory Council

We are actively recruiting patients and family members to join the RPFAC now. Visit the patient and family advisory webpage for more relevant information.

Living Kidney Donation

Giving the gift of improved health to another person can be a very positive experience. Living kidney donation provides a viable alternative to waiting for a deceased donor organ to become available. There are many advantages to living donation. Visit LHSC Living Donation or call 519-633-3552 to find out more information. 

Video for patients and loved ones - This 11-minute video is intended for our patients and loved ones who want to find out more about living kidney donation. Developed by the Multi-Organ Transplant Program at LHSC, the video features some of our donation and transplant staff as well as a donor and recipient talking about living kidney donation. 

Living Kidney Donation YouTube video

Renal Patient Assistance Fund:  London Health Sciences Centre 

Although the majority of our health care costs are paid for through the publicly funded system, there are many expenses that are not covered. It is extremely difficult to deal with a serious illness, but the situation becomes even worse if a patient or family has the added worry of financial hardship and trying to manage the extra costs associated with treatment. This includes individuals from across Southwestern Ontario who must leave their home communities to visit London Health Sciences Centre for highly specialized care.

The financial support offered through the Renal Patient Assistance Program helps to decrease the stress on patients and the family members who are caring for them throughout the treatment process. Most importantly, it allows our patients to focus their energy on getting better. Please consider making a donation to the Renal Patient Assistance Program either online or by contacting Lori Ann Horley of London Health Sciences Foundation at 519-685-8500 ext 58248 or LoriAnn.Horley@lhsc.on.ca. Lori Ann can also be contacted for further ideas of ways to give to the Nephrology Program.

Kidney Foundation

Did you know that experts estimate over two million Canadians have chronic kidney disease or are at risk? By volunteering, or making a donation, you can help The Kidney Foundation raise awareness of warning signs particularly among people at risk, support research into early detection, prevention and treatment, and support the services that help people live better with kidney disease.

The Kidney Foundation of Canada relies entirely on the generous support of the public and good corporate citizens. With the incidence of kidney disease growing we need your help more than ever.

Contact the Kidney Foundation for more information on volunteering or donating.