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CSTAR has streamlined our booking process with our online form. Once this form is filled out you will be contacted to discuss further planning and development of your course. Please refer to the resource link for assistance on SMART goals, needs assessments and a catalog of equipment held at CSTAR.

Online Booking Form


As a Department within London Health Sciences Centre, CSTAR primarily follows the policies and procedures of the institution. The CSTAR Standard Operating Procedures Manual outlines CSTAR's supplemental Policies and Procedures. Please take a few minutes to review the manual.


CSTAR Operating Policies and Procedures


CSTAR collaborates with an extensive diversity of industry partners with the shared vision of enhancing quality and safety of patient care. Our facilities provide the framework for new product innovation and research, to education of industry representatives and medical professionals.

To explore the possibility of bringing your research, educational program or event to CSTAR, please contact Tara Oke at (519) 685-8500 ext.35897 or email



CSTAR has a confidentiality policy specific to the learning environment.  As part of this policy, the Learner Contract will need to be filled out by all participants attending an educational activity at CSTAR.  This form can be printed off and returned with the Program Director the day of your event.

CSTAR Confidentiality Policy

The Learner’s Contract


Conflict of Interest

CSTAR has a policy for Conflict of Interest.  Our Conflict of Interest policy needs to be reviewed and the declaration document filled out by all faculty/instructors and planning members involved with the educational activity at CSTAR.  Faculty can either bring the signed document with them or send them with the Program Director the day of the course.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest Declaration

Conflict of Interest Declaration Slide Template



Industry shipping equipment or supplies into CSTAR for program support please complete the Supplier Form and refer to the HMMS Policy.


Course Evaluation Questions

Sample Questions