2013 Publications

The Fate of the Remaining Knee(s) or Hip(s) in Osteoarthritic Patients Undergoing a Primary TKA or THA.

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The painful total hip replacement: diagnosis and deliverance.

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Comparison of outcomes and survivorship between patients of different age groups following TKA.

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A randomized trial comparing acetabular component fixation of two porous ingrowth surfaces using RSA.

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One dose of tranexamic acid is safe and effective in revision knee arthroplasty.

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Manufacturing lot affects polyethylene tibial insert volume, thickness, and surface geometry.

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Outcomes and complications of total hip replacement in super-obese patients.

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Quantification of in vivo implant wear in total knee replacement from dynamic single plane radiography.

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Surgical waste audit of 5 total knee arthroplasties.

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Does Patellectomy Jeopardize Function After TKA?

Yao R, Lyons MC, Howard JL, McAuley JP.

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The 2012 Mark Coventry Award: A Retrieval Analysis of High Flexion versus Posterior-stabilized Tibial Inserts.

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