When you are discharged from the hospital, you will need certain pieces of equipment to assist you in managing at home after surgery. This equipment should be arranged and, in your home, BEFORE you come to the hospital for your surgery. 

You must have:

  • A standard walker (with no wheels) and in some cases crutches.

For hip surgery, you may need:

  • Image shows a standard raised toilet seat with metal arms to provide stability when sitting/standing to use toilet.
    Raised Toilet Seat with Arms
    Image shows a standard Commode Chair with adjustable height and build in handle supports for stability.
    Or a Commode Chair
  • Image shows a chair with arms and a firm, level seat with a cushion to raise the seated surface.  Cushion attaches to the chair for safety.
    Tall Chair with Arms and Firm Cushion
  • A Versaframe can be attached to a standard toilet seat without arms and can be removed when no longer needed.
    Versaframe For Toilet Seat Without Arms
  • Bath Transfer Bench can be used in tubs or showers to provide support while bathing.
    Bath Transfer Bench
  • Shower chair for walk in showers.
    Shower Chair
  • Tub showers

The following items, or assistive devices, are optional, depending on the amount of assistance that is available to you when you return home:

  • Reacher can be used to pick up items without bending over.
    Reacher Device
  • Sponge with handle for use when bathing.  Long handle extends reach without twisting or bending.
    Long Handled Sponge
  •  Designed to aid patients in getting in and out of bed, by offering additional support in lifting one, or both, of their legs.
    Rigid Leg Lifter Strap
  • Long handled shoehorn used to assist patients with putting on shoes.
    Long handled shoehorn
  • Sock Aid device is used to put socks on with extra reach so the patient does not need to bend over to don socks.
    Sock Aid
  • Elastic shoelaces

This equipment can either be purchased or rented. A list of equipment vendors in London and surrounding area can be found through the Southwest Healthline website.