Frequently Asked Questions about Medication

What should I do if I did not get a prescription?

Everyone is given a 3 to 6 page prescription at discharge which should all be handed into a pharmacist. All of the sheets comprise the prescription so the pharmacist should take all the sheets.

What should I do if I didn’t fill the prescription because they said I had to pay for it?

In some cases some of the medications may not be covered. Have the pharmacist call the surgeon’s office or NP because in some cases we may be able to get government coverage for the blood thinner medication.

Do I keep taking my iron pills?

You should take these as instructed by Donna Berta or Val Binns usually for 1 month after surgery. If you are having problems tolerating the iron contact Val via telephone at 519-685-8500 extension: 36771, or Donna via telephone at 519-685-8500 extension: 32707.

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