Frequently Asked Questions about Swelling

My calf is sore and swollen?

Please call your surgeon or Nurse practioner. If after hours call Orthopaedic resident on call.

How much swelling is normal?

Everyone is different. Swelling can last up to several months to a year after surgery. If you have pain or drainage with the swelling call your surgeon.

What should I do if my leg is more swollen since I've returned home?

Reduce your activity if you have been doing prolonged sitting or standing as you may be over doing it. Lay on a couch or bed for 30 minutes mid-morning, midafternoon and early evening with foot elevated higher than heart. Do not elevate too high if you have had hip replacement. Do not elevate with pillow under knee if you had knee replacement. Pillow should be under your foot.

Can I put my feet up on a stool?

Yes, as long as your hip does not flex more than 90 degrees if you had a hip replacement.

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