Dr. Mark David Vincent

Mark David Vincent, MB, ChB, MRCP(UK), FRCPC

Medical Oncology

Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre


I received my MD from the University of Cape Town in 1976, trained in Oncology at The Royal Marsden Hospital in London, England and came to Canada in 1987.  I completed my postgraduate training in the Department of Medicine at the University of Ottawa. I am a medical oncologist at the Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre, a part of Cancer Care Ontario, where my activities include the management of lung and gastrointestinal cancer, and laboratory research into the reversal of cytotoxic drug resistance by means of gene therapy.  I am also an Associate Professor at the University of Western Ontario in the Department of Medicine, in the division of Medical oncology where I received the Award of Excellence in Teaching in 2004. My interests include the translation of basic research into the clinic, and the design and conduct of clinical trials in lung and colorectal cancer. I am also interested in toxicity minimisation/avoidance; and resistance reversal by means of gene‑directed therapy and small molecule chemopotentiation.


Specialty Qualifications:


Membership of the Royal College of Physicians (UK)


1990  Licentiate of the Medical Council   of Canada


1991  General Medical Licence, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

1991  Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada


1992  Certificate of Special Competence, Medical Oncology, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada





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Clinical Studies:


1.  Vincent MD, Dar AR et al.  A phase I study of vinblastine, cisplatin and radiation without and then with amifostine, 1995-present.  Concept originator - Dr. M.D. Vincent.


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Laboratory Studies:


1.  Vincent MD and Koropatnick J.  Antisense-mediated modification of cellular drug resistance:  Thymidylate synthase, 1992-present.


2.  Vincent MD and Ferguson P.  Modulation of toxicity of platinum drugs using a liposomal preparation of Amphotericin B, AmBisome® and Amphotericin B Methyl Ester, 1994-present. 


3.  Vincent MD, Koropatnick J. A strategy to specifically target genotoxic agents to the nuclei of cancer cells lacking expression of tumour suppression and other genes. 1998. (Inventor - M. Vincent)