Fred Dick, PhD


Fred Dick


Distinguished Scientist: London Regional Cancer Program, London Health Sciences Centre, London, Ontario
Professor: Department of Biochemistry

Western University, London, Ontario
Cross Appointment: Department of Oncology


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Mailing Address

London Regional Cancer Program
Room A4-136, Cancer Research Laboratory Program
790 Commissioners Rd. E.
London, Ontario
Canada N6A 4L6

Tel: 519-685-8500 Extension 53027
Fax: 519-685-8616

Staff and Trainees

Graduate Students

Aren Marshall

Piru Perampalam

Seung Kim

Mike Roes


Daniel Passos     

James MacDonald  

Research Area

Cell Cycle and Genome Stability

Key Words

Cancer Genetics, Mouse Models of Cancer


Laboratory research is focused on the fundamental mechanisms that regulate the mammalian cell cycle and how they are disrupted in cancer. This is carried out by using cell culture, in vitro biochemical, and mouse gene-targeting technologies.

Summary of Current Work

Regulation of the mammalian cell division cycle is critical to development and disease.  Loss of proliferative control during development is catastrophic, as it can lead to genome instability, apoptosis, and tissue degeneration.  Loss of cell cycle control is also important in disease pathology, as deregulated proliferation is a defining feature of cancer.  A key regulator of progression through the G1 phase of the cell cycle is the pathway controlled by the Retinoblastoma protein (pRB).  It functions beyond G1-S control and has implications for cancer pathogenesis, treatment choice, and outcome.  We are investigating this multifaceted pathway.


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