Tomotherapy at the London Regional Cancer Program, Canada


Discussions with Tomotherapy Incorporated and the London Regional Cancer Program regarding the installation and physics evaluation a Helical Tomotherapy unit began in 1998, building on a long-standing collaborative relationship between LRCP investigators and Tomotherapy inventor Dr. Rock Mackie. These discussions culminated in commitment by LRCP to purchase one of the first 3 beta test unitsyet to be manufactured. In doing so, London became a leader in adopting this technology very early along with Madison, Wisconsin and Edmonton, Alberta. Funding was obtained through private donations and Cancer Care Ontario.


In 2002 the LRCP received a Tomotherapy treatment planning workstation and comparative dosimetry/planning studies commenced. The tomotherapy protype (Beta) unit arrived in December 2002 and was used for commissioning, quality assurance, dosimetry and MVCT Physics research during 2003. The Beta unit was replaced with a clinical unit in early 2004 and commissioning for clinical applications began in the spring of 2004.


Installation and Commissioning

The current tomotherapy HiArt unit was installed on May 25, 2004. Dr. Tomas Kron (medical physicist) was instrumental in the organized and relatively smooth installation, acceptance and commissioning of the unit. Subsequently, Dr. Slav Yartsev has become the physicist in charge of the Thomotherapy Unit and Jim Allin provides local engineering support. Jerry Battista, Jake Van Dyk and Glenn Bauman lead the collaborative tomotherapy research program that most often involves radiation oncologists and medical physicists.

Clinical Implementation

The tomotherapy treatment process has been streamlined and now works very well. Since 2004 the majority of our patients have been enrolled in clinical trials evaluating the performance of the unit and exploring novel treatments with tomotherapy. Clinical results are available through the following publications: 'A Prospective Evaluation of Helical Tomotherapy' and 'Simultaneous Infield Boost With Helical Tomotherapy for Patients With 1 to 3 Brain Metastases'. Currrent clinical trials include hypofractionated image guided treatments for prostate cancer and image-guided radiotherapy for CNS tumors.

Tomotherapy Research

Research with HT has been enabled through peer-reviewed funding by the Ontario Institute of Cancer Research, and the Ontario Research Fund (ORF/ORDCF) and the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CCSRI).


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