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Pregnancy Options Program/Abortion Clinic

LHSC is committed to patient centred care including a woman’s right to choose her care. 519-685-8204

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Cervical Dilator Information Letter

You Have Choices

The Women’s Health Care Program offers confidential pregnancy options counseling and abortion services in a safe, and non-judgmental environment. Our experienced Social Workers are available to support and meet with women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy to realistically explore all their alternatives: from terminating the pregnancy through abortion, continuing the pregnancy to parent, or continuing the pregnancy to pursue adoption. For an appointment with one of our social workers please call 519-685-8204. If you are unable to meet with one of our social workers they can talk with you over the telephone and offer the same type of support and counseling.

Your Decision

Making a decision to terminate a pregnancy is a very difficult one and each situation is different. The decision to have an abortion (or not) is extremely personal. It is important for you to have reliable and accurate information, so you can make the choice that is right for you. The team at the Pregnancy Options Program can help guide you through your decision and options. Knowing what to expect and the excellent care you will receive may put you at ease.

What is a Therapeutic Abortion?

A Therapeutic Abortion is defined as an intentional termination of a pregnancy. There are various reasons for choosing to undergo a therapeutic abortion. The decision is personal, and each woman must choose her course of action based on what is right for her.

If you are firm in your decision and have chosen to terminate the pregnancy, please call 685-8204.

Terminating a pregnancy requires two to three appointments at Victoria Hospital.

Your first appointment at the Pregnancy Options Program involves meeting with a nurse to discuss your medical history and answer all of your questions surrounding the procedure. She will also do teaching about the abortion procedure and your recovery. Providing you with birth control information is an important part of our clinic and you will have the opportunity to discuss different birth control options with the nurse at your initial visit. Social Work is available, upon request, to talk about your pregnancy and the decision you’ve made. Social work is also available to talk to you if you are facing other concerns or difficulties.

Please set aside 2 hours for this appointment as lengthy waiting times sometimes occur. Women are invited to bring one support person with them. You will meet privately first with the nurse. After the initial medical assessment, this person can join you for the remaining part of the assessment.

The second appointment may be for the abortion procedure.

The gestation of the pregnancy will determine the number of appointments and type of procedure that will be offered to you.


Assessment Day

Please bring with you:

  • A valid Health Card or proof of alternative health insurance e.g. UHIP
  • Two pieces of identification with date of birth, photo identification is preferred.
  • A copy of your ultrasound report. If you are having difficulty obtaining an ultrasound, please refer to the Hotline information for instructions.
  • The number of appointments required will be explained at this appointment. Please plan on 2 appointments before the abortion procedure.

Procedure Day

Please bring with you:

  • A valid Health Card or proof of alternative health insurance e.g. UHIP.
  • Two pieces of identification with date of birth, photo identification is preferred.
  • A support person to drive you home - you cannot use public transit.
  • Comfortable clothing and a supply of sanitary napkins.

Directions To Victoria Hospital:

If you are coming to London by bus or train, both terminals are located on York St., west of the intersection of York and Wellington Rd. London City Bus Route Richmond #6 will drop you off near the front door of Zone C. Simply enter the hospital at the C entrance and follow the signs to zone B. If you take a taxi from the bus/train station, ask the driver to take you to the main zone B entrance accessible from the Baseline Road entrance.

If you are using the London Transit System, we are located on Bus Route Richmond #6.

If you are driving, Victoria Hospital is located at the corner of Wellington and Baseline Roads. Take the main entrance to the hospital off Baseline at the lights, turn right toward the P8 parking garage. For complete driving directions and a detailed site map of Victoria Hospital, please visit our Maps & Directions.


Relevant Web Links Include:

Adoption Council of Canada

Canadian Abortion Rights Action League

Canadian Federation for Sexual Health
(formerly Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada)

Canadian Perinatal Surveillance System—Induced Abortion Information

Canadians for Choice Hotline: 1-888-642-2725

Canadian Women’s Health Network

Catholics for a Free Choice Canada

Information for men about abortion

Middlesex London Health Unit

National Abortion Federation Hotline: 1-800-772-9100

The Health Line



Anova (formerly Women’s Community House/Sexual Assault Centre London): 519-642-3000

Bethesda Centre for Pregnant Women: 519-438-8371

Fanshawe College Student Health Services: 519-452-4230

London-Middlesex Children’s Aid Society: 519-455-9000

Middlesex London Public Health Unit
London: 519-663-5317
Strathroy: 519-254-3230

Merrymount Children’s Centre: 519-434-6848

Ministry of Health Listing of Public Health Units in Ontario

Merrymount Children’s Centre: 519-434-6848

Rotholme Women’s and Family Shelter: 519 -673-4114

Salvation Army Centre of Hope: 519-661-0343

University of Western Ontario Student Health Services: 519-661-3030

Women's Health of London: 519-645-0421


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