Continence Devices


A pessary is a device made out of silicone that is placed in the vagina to provide internal support to the tissues. Pessaries are generally used to treat prolapse. A pessary can reduce the feeling of a bulge from the vagina and can often improve bladder and bowel function. Some pessaries are designed to support the urethra (the tube from your bladder) helping to reduce stress incontinence.

Women who have prolapse of the vagina or uterus, or have urinary leakage due to prolapse, may find this device helpful in supporting the tissue to remain in place. Some women find it useful as a measure to avoid surgery or while they are waiting for surgery. This device can be used only when needed or it can be left in and removed for washing every few months.

A pessary can be worn all of the time to help manage prolapse or leakage or can be inserted only when you are participating in activities that are likely to cause leakage, such as jogging.

You need to have the proper sized pessary fitted by an experienced health care professional. It then can be removed and cleaned regularly by you. You should not feel it once it is properly fitted to you. There is a small fee for the device which may be covered by your private insurance.