Information for Referring Physicians

To facilitate timely referrals to LHSC's Obstetrical and Gynecological clinic the following information needs to be included with your patient's referral so we can provide the best patient care. The office will notify you of the appointment details and what additional information is required.

Obstetrical Appointment

  • Antenatal Record 1 & 2
  • Prenatal blood work:
    (Hiv/HepB/Rubella Syphilis/CBC/ Group,type and antibody Screen/Random Glucose)
  • Integrated Prenatal Screening (IPS) / Maternal Serum Screening (MSS) results
  • Early pregnancy ultrasound
  • Dating/IPS Ultrasounds
  • Morphology Ultrasounds (18 to 20 weeks)
  • Oral Glucose Challenge Test results (OGCT)
  • Recent Pap test results

Gynecological Appointment

  • Recent pelvic ultrasound or CT results
  • Recent blood work results
  • Recent Pap test results
  • Recent Vaginal swab results
  • Urine results