Before You Visit

The LHSC website provides information on how to prepare for your visit such as finding your way around, what to bring to the hospital, and other useful items.

However, we’d like to add:

  • Sometimes when in hospital, patients use their own pajamas. In the Cardiac Care Program, we prefer that you wear our gowns. Please make a list of the items you have brought with you, including glasses, cane, dentures etc. and label accordingly. 
  • When bringing a list of your medications for the team to review, please include any herbal or over–the-counter medications.
  • Prior to admission, decide who will be the main person to communicate information to family and friends. To maintain your privacy, staff will only provide information to the person you designate. We ask that all others contact that person if they wish to have updates about your progress. Please see our information about privacy and confidentiality.
  • You may also wish to bring a pen and notepad to record any questions for your health care team. When the team visits, it’s easy to forget to ask those important questions!

Please note that LHSC supports a fragrance- free environment. A number of our patients and staff have allergies to fragrances.