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Your Stay in Cardiac Care

Being a patient in the hospital can be overwhelming and we hope the information we provide both here and on the main LHSC webpage will help to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. The main LHSC website offers information for patients.

Inpatient Cardiac Care is provided at the following sites:

University Hospital

Cardiology Unit (A5)
Cardiology Unit (A6)
Coronary Care Unit (A5)
Cardiovascular Surgery Unit (A6)

Victoria Hospital

Coronary Care Unit (D5-400)


When you are admitted to your room, your nurse will take your blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen level, and will listen to your lungs. He or she will also ask you questions about your medical and surgical history, medications, activity level, and self care routines.

As mentioned on the main LHSC patient information webpage, it is hospital policy to ask you what you would want done if your heart stopped. This is asked so your wishes are carried out. Your nurse will have this discussion with you and will be able to answer any questions you might have.

Your health care team will visit you each day. These visits are called ‘rounds’. The members of the Cardiac Care Program who will be visiting you are the attending physician, resident(s), advanced practice nurse, pharmacist, and your nurse. During this visit, you will be examined and your care will be discussed with you, including tests, procedures, medications and potential discharge date.

A very important part of your stay in the Cardiac Care Program is to ensure you are well informed of the tests, procedures, and medications you will have.

Your nurse will be giving you information in the form of booklets, videos, DVDs, and/or pamphlets. It is important to keep these with you and not send them home. Your nurse will be reviewing them with you frequently and wants to ensure that you fully understand the information you need to have both in hospital and when you are discharged home.

Your family is welcome and encouraged to be involved in your education.

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