Our Team

Inherited Heart Rhythm Clinic:

Dr. Raymond Yee

Medical Director / Arrhythmia Cardiologist

Laura Wood

Research Coordinator

Susan Conacher

Genetic Counsellor

Dr. George J. Klein

Arrhythmia Physician

Dr. Lorne Gula

Arrhythmia Physician 

Dr. Allan Skanes

Arrhythmia Physician

Dr. Jaimie Manlucu

Arrhythmia Physician

Dr. Peter Leong-Sit

Arrhythmia Physician

Kristin Eggett and Laura Shephard

Clinic Receptionists

Please note: London Health Sciences Centre is a teaching hospital which includes residents, fellows and medical students who may change over time. Expect to meet these individuals as part of the clinic experience. Feel free to discuss this with your doctor if you have any questions. We are all lifelong learners.