Healthcare Professionals

Refer a Patient

Please read the following information for referring a patient to another physician or for a test or procedure.

Referral to another physician for a consult

If your patient has a heart condition that requires an expert opinion, you may need to refer your patient to one of our physicians. Please review the following information for guidelines on how to refer your patients for a consultation with one of our physicians.

Referral for a procedure or diagnostic test

Please use this section if your patient requires further testing to aid in the diagnosis of his or her condition. You may also use this section to refer your patient for any cardiac procedure or surgery. If you are uncertain of your diagnosis, please refer your patient to one of our physicians for a consultation.

Referral to Cardiac Rehabilitation & Secondary Prevention Program

As of Nov. 19, 2012, patients of the Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Program will be seen at St. Joseph's Hospital. The program is moving from London Health Sciences Centre to St. Joseph's as part of health care restructuring in London. Patients with appointments should come to the new, central outpatient area in Zone B, Level 3 at St. Joseph's Hospital. The closest entrance is Entrance 2 on Grosvenor Street.

Please visit the new Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention Program website at St. Joseph's Hospital.

Pediatric Cardiology Referral Forms

Please complete the appropriate referral form below, including patient demographics, and fax to 519-685-8584 to request a Pediatric Cardiology consult or Fetal Echo.