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Specific Responsibilities

1. Direct management of cardiac arrhythmia patients.

2. Provide arrhythmia service consultations.

3. Programmed stimulation.

4. Insertion of multipolar catheters for EP studies.

5. Catheter ablation of simple and complex arrhythmias.

6. Pacemaker, ICD/CRT and loop recorder insertion.

7. Participation in ICD & pacemaker follow-up, programming &

Prospective trainee candidates may apply to the Program Director (Dr. Jaimie Manlucu, manlucuj@gmail.com. Consideration is given to all applicants based upon merit, but preference is given to candidates interested in pursuing an academic research career and those with their own source of salary support. Applicants should provide their curriculum vitae and three letters of reference. Upon receipt, documentation will be reviewed and appropriate candidates will be contacted for an interview. Successful candidates will normally be offered a position by July of the year with the view to beginning training July 1st the following year.


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