Electrophysiology Fellowship

The London Heart Rhythm Program at Western University (London Health Sciences Center, University Hospital) offers a two-year Royal College accredited AFC Diploma Program in Adult Cardiac Electrophysiology. A one-year training program is also available for a select number of candidates who are chosen on a case-by-case basis based on prior training and skill level.

This fellowship aims to provide its trainees with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of electrophysiology, with a strong emphasis on clinical training and research.

During the fellowship, fellows will be expected to participate in weekly educational and clinical rounds and will play in integral role in the evaluation and management of heart rhythm patients, both in-hospital as well as in many of our dedicated out-patient clinics.

On a rotating basis, individuals will acquire a broad range of experience in diagnostic and therapeutic techniques including permanent pacemaker, biventricular and ICD implantation, electrophysiology studies, catheter ablation, signal average ECG, heart rhythm device management, laser lead extraction and tilt table testing.

We are a high volume centre and typically perform 550 ablations, 600 pacemakers, 150 tilts, 150 cardioversions, 150 biventricular devices and 300 ICDs per year. We typically have 3-5 full-time electrophysiology fellows, and a steady stream of residents on elective with the EP service. Each attending has a range of research interests including atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, devices, SVT physiology, syncope, inherited arrhythmias and sudden death, clinical trials and databases. Experience with simple then complex ablation and devices will be gained in a graduated manner at a rate that is tailored to each individual’s skills and goals.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Charlene Grass

Dr. Jaimie Manlucu

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