Our Medical Breakthroughs


  • LHSC cardiologists are the first in North America to implant an insertable cardiac monitor that offers long-term and continuous monitoring for atrial fibrillation.


  • A team of LHSC cardiologists develops the world's first pacemaker implantation procedure using virtual reality technology.
  • The CSTAR surgical team performs a totally endoscopic closed-chest coronary artery bypass surgery with the help of the daVinci®, a first for Canada.


  • A team of cardiologists at University Hospital is one of the two independent Canadian medical teams to perform the impedance-mapping technology during a pulmonary vein ablation procedure (PVA).


  • Canada's first minimally invasive robotically assisted double bypass surgery, a multi vessel small thorocotomy (MVST), is performed at LHSC.
  • An interdisciplinary team performs the world's first robotic assisted left atrial appendage ligation at LHSC.


  • The CSTAR team is the first in North America to complete two different procedures to clear blocked arteries, minimally invasive robotic-assisted heart bypass surgery and angioplasty with stenting, at the same time in the operating room.


  • LHSC surgeons are the first in Canada to use a four-armed daVinci® to complete a single coronary artery bypass surgery.
  • Results of an international study shows that the common high blood pressure drug ramipril can prevent heart failure in high-risk cardiovascular patients.


  • LHSC cardiologists complete a left atrial appendage occlusion, a new procedure for stroke prevention, which closes the area of the heart where the majority of blood clots form.
  • LHSC study determines that patients with congestive heart failure have an improved quality of life with a new pacemaker that works on both sides of the heart.


  • LHSC's surgical team performs the first minimally invasive robotic-assisted mitral valve heart surgery in Canada.


  • LHSC's surgical team successfully completes the world's first closed-chest, robotic-assisted beating heart coronary artery bypass graft (GABG).


  • An LHSC team is the first in Canada to perform voice-activated robotic-assisted minimally invasive cardiac bypass surgery.


  • LHSC cardiac surgeons are the first in Canada to perform a revolutionary method of video-assisted minimally invasive heart surgery.


  • A team of researchers accomplishes a world-first when they develop a miniature recording device that monitors the heartbeat during fainting spells.


  • The first Cardiac stent insertion in Canada is performed at Victoria Hospital.


  • The world's first pacemaker cardioverter defibrillator (PCD) is implanted at University Hospital.


  • LHSC University Hospital performs the world's first heart operation to correct life threatening right ventricular dysphasia.