Online Resources for Patients and Families

Inherited Heart Rhythm Clinic:

  • Canadian Association of Genetic Counsellors: Provides a list of Canadian Medical Genetics Clinics by province and city.
  • Canadian Genetic Heart Rhythm Network: The Canadian Genetic Heart Rhythm Network network is a collaboration between Canadian Heart Rhythm Specialists with an interest in inherited heart rhythm disorders, committed to patient and public education, excellence in clinical care and research to increase knowledge that improves recognition and treatment of these conditions. This includes a list of Inherited Heart Rhythm Clinics across Canada.
  • Canadian Heart Rhythm Society: Provides information about the national society for Heart Rhythm Health Professionals and its mission to promote research and education programs in the field of cardiac electrophysiology, provide professional leadership and guidance in clinical practice, including the development of Consensus Conferences, Position Statements and National Data Registries.
  • Canadian SADS Foundation: Provides information for the public about SADS, whose mission is to support and educate the public regarding inherited causes of sudden death.
  • American Heart Association: This site will help you better understand arrhythmias and what to do if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with this problem.  This website provides comprehensive information for patients and families regarding the heart's electrical system, types of arrhythmias, treating and living with arrhythmias.