Frequently Asked Questions about Physiotherapy

Am I going to need physical therapy?

Yes. You will see a physiotherapist in the hospital who will teach you how to move again after surgery, and you will also need to see a physiotherapist in the community to ensure you continue to improve your strength, range of motion and mobility when you return home.

What is bundled care?

Bundled Care is a provincial model for integrated care and funding.  The bundled care funding model applies to patients in Ontario having joint replacement surgery on that joint for the first time (primary joint replacement surgery).  This new funding pathway of care and services includes your initial pre-op visit, your surgery, hospital stay and your post-operative rehabilitation therapy (at LHSC UH or designated partner clinics discussed with you at your pre-admit appointment). If you have questions about accessing a funded physiotherapy clinic after your primary joint replacement surgery please contact the LHSC Bundled Care Program at 519-685-8500 extension 37710.

If you are having a revision surgery or other joint surgery you are not in the bundle care model and you would follow OHIP guidelines/criteria for funded physiotherapy options.

After surgery what is my physical therapy going to be like and what are my options for care?

Please find more information about Discharge Home on the Joint Replacement Surgery site.

When do I book my physical therapy appointment?

If you are returning to LHSC University Hospital for your outpatient physiotherapy you do not need to arrange that ahead of time.  Please tell your inpatient physiotherapist during your surgical stay and they will start that process for you. LHSC will contact you with an appointment after you are discharged from the hospital.

If you are not returning to University Hospital and you are in the bundled care model (primary hip or knee replacement) you are to arrange physiotherapy at a LHSC Partnered clinic in the community BEFORE you come in for surgery. This will be discussed with you at your Pre-Admission appointment at LHSC.

If you are not in the bundled care model (joint revision surgery or other joint surgery) you can book your physiotherapy appointment as per the direction of your surgical team.

Is there a cost for physical therapy?

There are funded physiotherapy options for bundled care patients (LHSC University Hospital site and LHSC Partner clinics) and for patients whose surgeries are not in the bundled care model (OHIP clinics).  Please speak to our team members at your pre-admission appointment to determine where you can access funded physiotherapy.  You will need to pay for transportation and/or parking. If you prefer to private pay at a community clinic that is another option for you.

Will I need someone to take me to & from physical therapy?

Yes. Please find more information about Driving and Transportation on the Joint Replacement Surgery site.

How flexible is the physical therapy program after surgery?

Once you attend physiotherapy, your therapist will progress you with other exercises that will continue to improve your strength and movement of your leg. The frequency of visits to physiotherapy will depend on the progress you are making and your ability to exercise on your own. This is something you should discuss with your physiotherapist on your first visit.

Will the physical therapy make me tired?

It depends on the intensity of your therapy. Ask your physiotherapist how you can continue with your physiotherapy and still have energy to do other tasks throughout the day.

Can I set up home care physiotherapy by calling the LHIN Home and Community Care?

No, you cannot set up services ahead of your surgical date.  The best practice after hip/knee surgery is to continue therapy in an outpatient setting.  If the physiotherapist you work with during your surgical stay at LHSC identifies that you meet specific home care criteria they will address that with you to coordinate the appropriate physiotherapy setting for you. 

For more information and additional questions, visit the Frequently Asked Questions web page