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Dr. Jawaid Younous



I was trained in Boston, Massachusetts and Charleston, South Carolina USA for internal Medicine and Medical Oncology/Hematology.  I am a fellow of RCPSC (internal Medicine & Medical Oncology).  My current staff/academic appointment is Asst. Prof., FMD at UWO and as a medical oncologist at LRCP.  My sub-specialty sites include Breast, Lung, Melanoma/Skin Cancer and Soft tissue sarcomas.  My research interests include: research on my sub-specialty cancers, supportive care and research on complementary and alternative care in cancer.


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Bramwell VHC, Doig GS, Tuck AB, Wilson SM, Tonkin KS, Perera F, Vandenberg TA, Chambers AF. Osteopontin in metastatic breast cancer: Serial plasma osteopontin levels have prognostic value in metasatic breast cancer.  Clin Cancer Res 12: 33373343, 2006.

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