Supports for Families

Who can I talk to for support and information?

Sometimes you need a friendly and supportive ear to listen or someone to talk with about what is happening with your baby. Below is a list of supports available within the hospital.

You can call the NICU at any time at 519-685-8500 extension:  64427

Your baby's nurse or the medical team

  • You may ask to get up to date information about your baby and have your questions answered. If you would like to have a formal medical update, speak to your bedside nurse or social worker to arrange for this to happen.

Social Workers

  • Social Workers see many of our families in NICU to help them through this very stressful and emotional time. If you would like to meet with a social worker, please let your nurse know. Social workers can provide emotional support and assist with exploring financial resources and government programs that may be helpful to you and your family. See pamphlet in welcome package for more information.

Paediatric Family Resource Centre

  • Paediatric Family Resource Centre is located in B1-006. It offers a quiet atmosphere for family members to connect with parents that have experienced hospital life. Computers with Internet access are available for your personal use. Staff are available to assist you with finding information, completing government forms or just to have someone to talk with. Learn about resources in the hospital and in the community.

NICU Family Connex

  • NICU Family Connex is held twice a month in the Family Lounge in Pod A. This is a time to meet and connect with other families in the unit as well as a parent who has experienced the NICU journey. Snacks are provided. See parent calendar for dates and times.

NICU Veteran Parent

  • NICU veteran parents share their past experiences with the NICU and life after the 

NICU Spiritual Care

  • NICU Spiritual Care can be contacted through your nurse or you can call extension: 58418.

Interpreter Service

  • The medical team can provide interpreter service if needed.

Music Therapy

  • Music Therapy is a research-based practice and part of the multidisciplinary team. A Certified Music Therapist uses music, within a therapeutic relationship, to support a baby’s neurodevelopment, self-soothing behaviors, improve sleep difficulties and provide psychosocial support to both the baby and the family. Referrals can be sent for babies 28 weeks gestational age and older. 
  • View the 'Music Therapy in the NICU' PDF for more information. 

Bravery Beads 

  • This program is designed to help families in the NICU document their baby’s unique journey in the NICU. Each bead represents an element of care or treatment. Visit the Pediatric Family Resource Centre B1


  • The Pharmacy is located on the 1st floor of B tower and is open Monday to Friday. Prescriptions may be filled at this location before you leave.

Office of Patient Experience 

  • A Patient Experience Specialist helps patient and families bring feedback or concerns to staff and physicians to have them deal with it in a supportive and respectful way. They help with answering questions, looking into problems and receiving positive patient and family reviews.

The Ethics Consultation Service

  • The Ethics Consultation Service is available to help families and their caregivers reach common ground. A team of health professionals with experience and training in medical ethics run the service. The team helps all those who are responsible to make the best possible decisions about patient care.