Seek Support

  • You are not alone in this NICU experience. It can sometimes seem overwhelming. Please ask for help.
  • All families can ask to see a social worker. They are part of the NICU’s care team. Your social worker is there to provide you with support. They can help to arrange meetings with the medical team. Your social worker may be able to help you with practical issues around visiting and transportation needs. Lastly your social worker can serve as your advocate.
  • Turn to other parents in the NICU to share experiences; you can provide each other with mutual comfort and support. Plan to attend the Family Connex Hour held twice a month. (see parent education calendar)
  • Talk to your NICU's social worker about the parents' support groups, where you can share your feelings, worries, and triumphs together.
  • The hospital's chaplain also might be able to provide you with support and even a shoulder to cry on; don’t hesitate to ask for spiritual support if this is important to you.
  • Pay attention to your own needs and those of the rest of the family, particularly your other children.
  • Ask if the NICU has resources to provide support for your older children so they can learn about the NICU and what their baby sibling is experiencing.
  • Ask questions… if there is anything you don’t understand, need clarification on, don’t agree with or can’t remember… ASK. The staff understand that you might feel overwhelmed and in an emotionally challenging time.
  • They want to help make you as comfortable and knowledgeable as possible. And remember there is no question that is stupid!