What is Family Integrated Care (FICARE)

What is Family Integrated Care?Family Integrated Care (FICARE) logo

The NICU is committed to providing Family Integrated Care (FICARE), a model of care where parents are viewed as an integral part of the NICU team in providing daily care for their baby. We provide support and encourage parents to take on the role as the primary caregiver for their baby.  We respect your choices, values, beliefs and cultural backgrounds.  We strive to provide information to you in a timely and complete manner, allowing you to make informed choices for your baby.  We encourage you to attend daily medical rounds and to be active participants in shared decision making with the medical team. We will teach and mentor you and your family to build your confidence and increase your ability to care for your baby and yourself.

The benefits of Family Integrated Care

We know through evidence that babies who have parents participating in their daily bedside care gain weight quicker, have higher rates of breastfeeding at discharge, have shorter lengths of stay and are less likely to be readmitted. Parents that are participating in their baby’s care have lower stress scores, feel more confident and prepared to care for their baby at the time of discharge.

Visit the 'Effectiveness of Family Integrated Care in neonatal intensive care units on infant and parent outcomes: a multicentre, multinational, cluster-randomized controlled trial' web page.