Developmental Follow-Up Clinic

Babies that qualify for developmental follow-up will be given an appointment for an outpatient visit at the clinic. Your baby will have a detailed assessment of their growth, feeding and development. When you come for your follow-up visit many parents find it helpful to have a support person with you to help keep track of all the information you will be getting. It is common for us to give you and your child exercises to practice at home. Babies who were born preterm or spent time in the NICU sometimes experience challenges as they grow. Many of these can be resolved with some help.  Having you and your baby come to clinic also helps us gather information about how babies with higher-risk are developing, which can help us evaluate the care your baby received, and help us improve care for other babies.

Developmental Follow-Up Clinic Contact Information:

For more information, watch the 'Developmental Follow-Up Clinic' video on YouTube.