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Research, education and equipment are three of the main areas where donor dollars are needed.

Research continues to hold the key to prevention, early diagnosis and more effective, less invasive treatments for cancer. With the proper collaboration, clinicians and scientists will come ever closer to a new regimen of treatment that could extend or improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their families.

At the Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre several specialized and highly successful research projects have been underway for a number of years. Using projects such as these as guides, we are beginning our latest initiative in the battle against cancer: the newly formed Translational Cancer Research Unit

Translational research is a process of quickly moving or “translating” discoveries from basic research at the lab bench into practical applications the patients’ bedside and also moving discoveries and observations from clinical research and treatments in the clinical setting back to the lab bench for further study and discovery. This continual process is enhanced by the close proximity of researchers and clinicians to one another. The Translational Cancer Research Unit offers great possibilities for speeding the pace of discovery in how various cancers work and how they can be most effectively diagnosed and treated.

Education of cancer professionals is a key component to the ongoing effective treatment of cancers. For example, the oncology fellowship program supports the advanced training of cancer specialist physicians and attracts new candidates to Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre.

To minimize stress on patients, improve the effectiveness and increase the precision of treatment, procuring equipment that utilizes cutting edge technology is an ongoing requirement. Such equipment can help precisely target cancerous cells and minimize effects to adjoining healthy tissue. Other equipment, like specialized treatment tables and hybrid-imaging devices can reduce the number procedures a patient has to undergo and can minimize the repositioning of patients during these procedures.

Your generosity and commitment to Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre will help us continue to provide advanced care to cancer patients and perform leading-edge research. Making a donation to “the highest priority needs” of Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre is the most flexible way of donating. It allows the program to use your donation where it is needed most.

Each gift is important and will help benefit the thousands of patients that rely on our services each year and may even contribute to a major breakthrough that will help cancer patients worldwide.

Thank-you for your thoughtfulness and for your ongoing support of our Hospital.

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