Clinical Nurses


CCTC Nurse

All nurses in CCTC are Registered Nurses (RNs) who have received additional education in the care of the critically ill adult patient. Some nurses in CCTC are also Certified in Critical Care Nursing in Canada (CNCC-C). CCTC nurses participate in ongoing education and receive training to manage critical care technology.

Each nurse is responsible for one or two critically ill patients. Nurses are responsible for the ongoing 24 hour per day monitoring of patients' condition. Each nurse is responsible for one or two critically ill patients.

Nurses are responsible for the overall and ongoing monitoring of the patient and implementation of treatment plans. Their duties include the following:

  • Systematic assessment and ongoing monitoring of each patient
  • Implementation of treatment plans and adjustment of therapies to a defined treatment goal
  • Collaboration and communication with all members of the healthcare team who are involved in a patient's care
  • Care for the patient's physical, hygiene and comfort needs
  • Patient and family members support and education
  • Quality and safety for patients, family and team members


CCTC Nurse