Critical Care Trauma Centre

Medical Residents

London Health Sciences Centre, Victoria Hospital and CCTC are all medical teaching centres affiliated with the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentisty at Western University..

Physicians who have already completed medical school and are receiving additional education in various medical and surgical specialties work in the CCTC as part of their medical training. They work under the supervision of the CCTC Consultants. The CCTC Consultants are all faculty with the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentisty at Western University..

A Senior Resident is a physician who is almost finished his/her specialist training, and who is completing additional education in the speciality of Critical Care. Some Senior Residents are "Fellows", meaning they have already completed the Royal College specialty designation. The CCTC usually has 2-3 Senior Residents, with one on duty each day. The Senior Resident works closely with the CCTC Consultant.

Each day, several medical or surgical residents are also on duty. Each patient will have one of the residents assigned to provide medical care. The residents carry out the medical plan agreed upon during team rounds each morning and afternoon. They work closely with the Senior Resident and Consultant. Two of the residents remain in the CCTC at night, to provide 24 hours per day medical coverage.

Schulich medical students are also assigned to the CCTC for short elective experiences. Medical orders and medical care is provided by senior physicians.