Preventing the Spread of Infection

Hand Hygiene


Infection control is very important. To prevent the spread of infection, please perform hand washing/hand hygiene before and after you visit a patient.

Hand Hygiene is a a term used to desribe the removal of germs from the hands. It is essential that everyone who comes into a hospital participates in our Hand Hygiene protocols.

Visitors must practice hand hygiene before entering a patient's room to ensure that they do not carry germs to a patient. They must also practice Hand Hygiene before they leave a patient's room to ensure that they do not carry germs out of the patient's room.  If someone leaves a patient's room without practicing hand hygiene, germs can be left on door knobs, waiting room chairs or on any object that is touched. this can make germs available to be carried to another patient.

Waterless hand cleaner is available in dispensers on the walls throughout the hospital. This product is more effective at killing most germs than soap and water and works best when the hands are rubbed together vigorously until the cleaner is absorbed into the skin.

If you are ill, please speak to the nurse prior to visiting. You should refrain from visiting if you are unwell.









Last Updated: October 25, 2018