Xray Rounds

Early each morning, the radiology technicians will make rounds with the portable Xray machine, doing routine chest xrays. Patients with breathing tubes and central lines may need an Xray to check the position of any new tubes.  An Xray may also be required to evaluate the lungs.  

Xrays are processed and immediately available by computer. This allows our team to review the Xrays when doing patient care rounds.

Radiology technicians may be seen throughout the day performing Xrays as required. Xrays are done following the insertion of any central line, breathing tube or feeding tube, or to re-evaluate the patient should changes in their condition occur.

You will be asked to step out of the room for a minute or two during Xrays to reduce any unnecessary exposure to radiation. The amount of radiation exposure with a simple Xray is very small.

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