Attending Physicians

Critically ill patient are admitted to CCTC with a variety of underlying medical and surgical problems. Patients are admitted to hospital under the care of a physician called an "Attending" or "Primary" Physician. Attending physicians are usually specialists in a field of medicine or surgery, depending upon the patient's primary problem. All attending physicians are also faculty members with the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western University, who have their own team of medical residents.

Once a patient is admitted to the CCTC, the day-to-day care needs become the responsibility of a CCTC Consultant working in collaboration with our team of CCTC health professionals. The patient's Attending physician is usually changed to the CCTC Consultant until discharge from the CCTC. 

Many patient's are admitted to hospital for surgery, obstetrical care or other very specialized services. They will be admitted under the Attending physician who is responsible for their care.  If the patient is transferred to CCTC, they will continue to be followed while in CCTC by their admitting physician until their initial problem is resolved.

The CCTC Consultant is responsible for the overall day-to-day care of all patients in CCTC on a 24 hour per day basis. The CCTC Consultant ensures that care is coordinated with the input of all other involved medical specialists.