The Physiotherapists in CCTC specialize in the treatment and prevention of complications resulting from surgery and periods of inactivity. They adopt a holistic approach to treatment, which includes optimizing breathing, nerve, muscle and skeletal function. 

There are 2 full time CCTC Physiotherapists who provide support Monday to Friday in CCTC. They would be happy to discuss your family member's goals and treatment plan.

During evenings and weekends, on-call Physiotherapists may assess and treat patients on an as-needed basis.

Kristen Abercrombie

Kristen Abercrombie BScPT
Physiotherapist, CCTC

Erin Blackwell Knowles

Erin Blackwell Knowles BA BScPT
Physiotherapist, CCTC

Jennifer Curry

Jennifer Curry BScPT
Physiotherapist, CCTC