Many different blood tests are performed on critically ill patients. Samples of blood are drawn from patients and sent to the lab to be analyzed. Blood tests are also sometimes referred to as Lab Tests or Labs. If the patient is receiving treatments for abnormal blood results, the blood tests may need to be repeated frequently.

Most critically ill patients will have Arterial Lines in place that can be used for drawing blood. This reduces the need to pick the patient to draw blood. Blood can also be drawn from catheters that are located in larger central veins.

If a patient does not have an arterial line or Central Venous Catheter for blood drawing, blood is collected from a vein using a needle (called a venipuncture). Patients will experience momentary discomfort when the needle is inserted through the skin.

Blood Test

Image 1:
Blood being drawn by venipuncture.




Last Reviewed: October 23, 2014