Le Fort Factures

What is a Le Fort Fracture?
Le Fort described 3 levels of fracture of the facial bones, Le Fort I, II and III. 
Le Fort I
  • Fracture of the maxilla involving the front teeth and extending bilaterally into the nose. 
  • Characterized by malocclusion of the teeth.
  • Can be identified by grasping the top teeth and attempting to move them; with Le Fort I, the teeth and maxilla will move, but the nose and upper face will stay fixed.
Le Fort II
  • Fracture of the maxilla in a pyramid shape, extending into the nasal bones.  
  • Characterized by mobility of the nose into the dental arch.
Le Fort III
  • Fracture that involves total craniofacial separation in a tripod pattern with craniofacial detachment.  
  • Characterized by mobility of the nose and the dental arch without frontal bone movement.


Brenda Morgan
Clinical Educator, CCTC
May 12, 2001


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