Research Staff At LRCP

Alison Allan, PhD

Cellular and molecular biology of metastasis
Sameul Asfaha, MD, PhD Chronic inflammatory bowel disease & coloectroal malignancy
Nathalie Berube, PhD Epigenetic regulation of brain development

Fred Dick, PhD Cell cycle and genome instability in cancer

Gabriel DiMattia, PhD

Interim Director, LRCP Cancer Research Laboratory Program

Regulation of gene expression in endocrine systems
Kevin Jordan, PhD New miniature radiation detectors, laser techniques for 3-D dosimetry and therapy

Jim Koropatnick, PhD
Director, Cancer Research & Technology Transfer Program
Cancer immunotherapy and overcoming resistance to treatment in human cancers
Leonard Luyt, PhD Bioorganic and medicinal chemistry, molecular imaging probe design, targeting cancer via GPCRs, radiochemistry

Joe Mymryk, PhD

Head, Division of Experimental Oncology, UWO Department of Oncology

Tumor virology, head & neck cancer

Anthony Nichols, MD Head & neck squamous cell, anaplastic thyroid cancer
David Rodenhiser, PhD Epigenetics and methylation signatures of development and cancer

Trevor Shepherd, PhD Molecular & cellular mechanisms in ovarian cancer metastasis, test new therapeutic strategies
Joe Torchia, PhD Mechanisms of eukaryotic gene regulation in cancer

Eva Turley, PhD The role of RHAMM in breast cancer prevention, characterization of genes involved in cell motility, mechanisms for cancer resistance