Around the Hospital

Gift Shop

The Postpartum Care Unit has a display containing baby clothes, knitted things, and collectibles on the unit. The Garden Shoppe and The Boutique sell gifts, flowers and baby clothes and are located on the 3rd Floor for your convenience. The bank machine is near the shops.


Phones can be rented for your room during stays of two days or more. There are pay phones located throughout the hospital, as well as one in the Birthing Centre.


The London Health Sciences Centre is a smoke free space. We would like to promote clean air for you and your baby. Smoking is prohibited indoors. Outside the hospital, there is a nonsmoking area within 9 metres of the doors.

Latex Safe

The London Health Sciences Centre tries to provide a latex safe place for you and your baby. This means that No latex balloons are allowed in the hospital. Anyone with latex rubber balloons will be asked to take them home. Balloons made from mylar are okay to bring into the hospital.


There is public parking located on the Commissioners Rd. side of the hospital. Day passes allow in and out privileges during the day and can be obtained from the parking lot attendant. Hourly and maximum parking rates are posted at the parking lots. Dollar coins may be needed.